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Lana Moore
Lana Moore

Lana Moore


Yellow Belt


Kicking Dad into touch!


Lana can be seen with parents (Sensei Steve and Selina Moore) attending karate tournaments, courses and classes. Usually seen most of the time studying!

Lana took the position as an Official photographer at the Wadokai European Championships 2014 in Reading.

Unfortunately, Lana does not have the time or commitment to train in karate due to dancing which dominates most of her timetable.

At Year 7, Lana was awarded a full Dance Scholarship. Studying Vocational Ballet and also Tap, Modern and Musical Theatre.

Lana is also an Irish dancer and is no stranger to competing and dealing with competitive stress. She has competed in many major competitions. Qualifying in solo for the World Irish Dance Championships in Dublin 2011, Belfast 2012, Boston (USA) 2013, London 2014 and Montreal (Canada) 2015. Lana has since retired from competing in solos as it was proving impossible to achieve and commit to the training at the level expected whilst doing her academic studies.

Lana holds World Medals with the Ceili (team of 8 girls) achieving 4th at the World Championships Belfast 2012, 2nd at the World Championships London 2014 and 2nd at the World Championships Montreal 2015. All Ireland Championship Junior Ceili team winners 2012 and 2014. She now dances with the Senior Ceili team being Great Britain Championships winners in both 2015 and 2016.

In 2015 and 2016, Lana was accepted into the Riverdance Summer School at Trinity College, Dublin where she experienced a week long intensive dance regime, learning the routines from the show, taught by the shows lead dancers. Lana has also been accepted again for this Summer 2017.

Lana is a trained singer. She was very honoured to be asked to sing at the Opening Ceremony of the National School Games 2016 at Loughborough University. Lana has also sang with her school choir alongside Aled Jones during his Cathedral Tour Concert in 2016. Lana is looking to sing her way through University at wedding service ceremonies.




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