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1st Jan 2018

Forthcoming Tournaments 2018

Students who are interested in competition must speak to their own club instructor first in order to see if they are eligible to compete at any of these tournaments. Squad sessions must be attended to be eiigible to compete. Parents/Spectators are very welcome at all competitions. There will be a charge for Parents/Spectators on entry. Prices vary for each competition.

Please note that tournaments will be added to this section as and when they are advertised. We usually attend 12 Tournaments per year.

Selected Athletes only: These competitions are only open to students who train with Sensei Steven Moore 5th Dan on a Saturday morning in the specialised Competition classes 8am to 10.30am.

All other competitions are Open to all students who hold a valid licence, own a full sparring kit. Must be over 5 years of age (Yellow Belt and Above). over 14 years must have a WKF Chest guard, and a Blue and Red belt to wear for the competition.

All other competitions are open to any students who are Yellow belt and above who currently train with Kombat kids. All students who want to enter tournaments to represent Kombatkids must attend the squad training sessions held in Walsall at the Killock.

Please note as an association we only enter competitions that are sanctioned by the EKF and the WKF. No Students who train with Kombat Federation are allowed to enter any Karate Competitions without the sole written permission of Sensei Steven Moore 5th Dan Chief instructor

2018  Competitions 

4/2/18 Wado - Kata Competition the Hub Walsall  COMPLETED

25/2/18  KSE 10 Championships GL 1 Leisure Centre, Bruton Way, Gloucestershire, GL11DT.  Selected Athletes only  COMPLETED

14/16/4/18 EKF National Championships  Selected Athletes only  COMPLETED

13/5/18 Aiwakai Nationals, Alfreton Derby - Open to all Students COMPLETED

1/07/2018 Central England 18th Open Karate Championships 
University of Worcester Arena, Hylton Road, Worcester WR2 5JN - Open to all students Completed

25/26/8/18 All Nations Championships Leicester Arena (World Championships) Competing against Japan, Russia, Nepal, Brazil, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Portugal, Sweden, Hungary, Italy etc etc Selected Athletes only  Completed

14/10/18 Central England International Winter Championships
, University of Worcester Arena Hylton Road, Worcester WR2 5JN - Open to all students 

21/10/18 Not East Open Karate Championships, The Dolphin centre, Darlington DL15RP Selected Athletes Only

24/11/18 FEW European Championships Dublin Ireland  Selected Athletes only 



2019  Tournaments 

Central England 23rd Open

University of Worcester Arena WR2 5JN 
Bulletin to follow.

Central England 7th International Open

University of Worcester Arena WR2 5JN
Bulletin to follow





































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