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1st Jan 2018

Fundraising/Charity Events 2018

April 28th/29th Coast to Coast Kombat Cycolists - 140 Miles Cycle Ride for Help For Heroes
Sensei Steve, Sensei Jamie,  parents Kevin Ramsey, Richard Allerton, Ghaz Iqbal

Wear A Hat Week for Brain Tumour Research starts Monday March 19th to the 24th 2018
All students, parents, instructors can join in to raise as much money as possible for Brain Tumour Research, by wearing a hat of their choice for their Karate lessons, pictures will be put on our Facebook page, the cost will be £2 per student with all money raised going to Brain Tumour Research.

19/5/2018 Fundraising Course for the All Nations Championships, Walsall Hub 1pm to 5pm. 

17th/22nd Wear your own clothes for the classes £2 per student all funds go to Brain Tumour Research
23/9/18 Finlay Church 2nd Dan 2005 - 2015 Memorial Karate Course and Fundraiser for Brain Tumour Research "Big Hope Strong Will"
Instructors Sakagami Sensei 8th Dan, Sensei Steve Moore 5th Dan, Sensei Jamie Donaghy 4th Dan, Sensei Anisha Mistry 3rd Dan, Sensei Lyle Moore 3rd Dan
£15 per student £25 Bro/Sis 




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